This is the wonderful cover of my comic Bed and Breakfast memoir!  


Driven by the memorable characters who stayed at Cricklewood Cottage, Utterly Undiscovered is without doubt Fawlty-inspired. But the story's depth comes from our relationship with the locals and how our lives changed during that period. 
























Terms and Conditions Apply 

This hilarious review of a five-year coalition government was performed to enthusiastic audiences at Ledbury Market Theatre in 2014, depicting on the one hand how ordinary, suburban households view government policies and, in stark contrast, what is seen through the rose-tinted spectacles of politicians



click.com, a comedy exploring the joys and pitfalls of internet dating for 'mature' people, was performed at Bosbury Parish Hall, Malvern Coach House and Melville Theatre, Abergavenny in 2015.

       The Yellow Box  

This political satire was performed by Ledbury Amateur Dramatic Society in September 2017. 


A comic reflection on half a century of Eurocratic 'rule', it explores vital issues like the optimum bend in cucumbers and the flushing of toilets and urinals. What exactly do eurocrats in Bristles Headquarters spend their time doing? How do they reach decisions (or not)? And where might the Eurocratic Union be heading now?


Find out more about its great characters on paulcostello2011.wordpress.com

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